What people are saying about the work of  Catherine Brown
and Crown Financial Ministries – North Alabama

The tools and the words to guide my daughter

Career Direct and Catherine Brown were instrumental in helping my daughter “find her way”.  Many graduating high school seniors have a vision of where they are going, but I would venture to say that most do not.  Even those students that have a path picked out, many of them may not know if the path matches their gifts and talents.  It is my belief that if we can help our children find a path that matches their God given passion and talents, we have done something important.  That is what Catherine did for me.  She gave me the tools and the words to guide my daughter on a path that I feel will give her a lifetime of joy and for that I will be forever grateful.

– T.C.

The whole experience was such a blessing

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me on Friday. You were incredibly encouraging and I feel like I learned so much from my assessment. You are really good at what you do and this whole experience was such a blessing.

– S.T.(age 24)

Extremely helpful in giving direction

My oldest son Taylor recently completed Career Direct and met with Catherine Brown to review his results.  Catherine met with my son, and she recommended that both of his parents attend the meeting also. Taylor will be a senior this year but is unsure of his college major and career path.  Career Direct process has been extremely helpful in giving direction for Taylor in thinking through what his strengths and desires are BEFORE making his final college decisions and even considering if a traditional college route is the best fit for him.  Catherine is obviously very gifted in helping you understand the Career Direct results and made the process so much more valuable for us.  I will be taking my other son through Career Direct next year and have already recommended Career Direct to several colleagues and friends.

– T.T.  CPA

I believe in this tool and process

I have a college student that will be graduating this year. I am a trained Career Direct consultant but wanted to just be a “parent” as my daughter’s results were assessed. I chose a colleague to walk my daughter through Career Direct. That is how much I believe in this tool and process. We were both very pleased. I would highly recommend Career Direct!

– S.S.   Center for Executive Leadership

I feel so much better

Mrs. Brown, thank you so much for doing the career test with me. I appreciate you taking the time to help me and walk me through it. It was extremely helpful and I feel so much better about what I want to do for a career! This helped me organize my thoughts about career options in a systematic, manageable way.

– C.L. (college sophomore)

Recommended without question

Thank you for the time you spent with Tori, Mona and me reviewing Tori’s Career Direct assessment results.  Having you there to go over the results with us really helped us to communicate better with each other.  I especially liked the way you spoke directly to Tori and placed the focus on her.  The assessment really confirmed for us that Tori has identified an area of study which is suitable to her, which gives us great comfort.  It also pleased us to find out how well she knows herself.  The assessment identified her personality traits so accurately that we had to laugh about it at times.  When the time is right we plan to have you administer the assessment to all of Tori’s siblings, and I would recommend the assessment to others without question.

– V.C.

The results were amazing

I brought my two college freshmen in to receive the feedback from the Career Direct Assessment after one semester of college.  I personally believe that this is the most magical time to anticipate the future with young adults AND the most relevant time to discuss this future.  My children are very close but incredibly different.  The results were amazing.  Catherine Brown, as the counselor, put vague thoughts that we already had about my children (and they about each other) into easy to understand descriptions regarding my children’s personalities, strengths, interests, and priorities.  I was shocked at how valid the results seem to be from a parental perspective, but thrilled at how true my children thought their own results were.  Several times during our discussion, we laughed out loud at how accurate the assessment was at depicting my children in their many faceted selves.  This assessment has already given them something to back up their hunches about themselves and where they see themselves in the future.  I can’t wait to see where God leads my children and this assessment gives them a way to find a little bit of verification that what they hear from God is really what they thought.

– A.S.

Extremely helpful to us

Thank you for the time you spent with Abby and I to discuss potential career paths for her.  This was extremely helpful to us since Abby really had no idea what she wants to do in the future.  Her father and I were having a difficult time directing her because we were advising her on what seem to be her obvious strengths.  For instance, she tests very strongly in writing and reading and so we have tried to direct her in that path but, she is not interested in those careers.  The testing you provided showed us other traits in her personality that explained why that might not be the best path for her and opened up some paths that we had not even thought of.  I think this will be very beneficial having done this BEFORE she goes to college so that she can select courses based on her test result strengths and further narrow it down.  Thank you so much for your very encouraging attitude while explaining the results.

– S.G.

We were confirmed in many areas

The assessment is great in helping young people decide what they want to do with their lives.  We were confirmed in many areas that we already knew about our son…the consultation was as helpful to him as it was to us.  We are interested to see where he will apply the gifts God has given him.

– L.M.