Personality ID

Building Stronger Teams

Personality I.D.® provides assessments to assist individuals and organizations to maximize their potential. Personality I.D. can help your organization hire, place and retain the right people for your ministry or business. Personality I.D. has developed a system built on 24+ years of experience in using the DISC personality assessment.

We will assist you to do the following:

  • Increase the morale and motivation of your teams and staff.
  • Discover and release the potential in your current employees.
  • Manage and retain top performers to benefit your employees and serve the organization’s growth needs.
  • Discover the dynamics of your team and identify strategic gaps.
  • Recruit and appoint the best person for the position.
  • Eliminate hiring through emotion.
  • Maximize each individual’s strengths.

Powerful, Practical Results

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience Crown Ministries Personality ID Assessment with my staff at the Exceptional Foundation.  Each of my 14 staff members were assessed individually with care and expertise.  The individual consultations were followed by a “group consultation” which allowed each staff person to understand the strengths, unique design, motivating/non-motivating factors of those they work beside each day.

Our staff was enlightened and empowered by the information they learned about themselves and each other. Through this exercise, assumptions and potential misunderstandings were replaced by a new level of trust, respect and clarity.

Personality ID allowed us to celebrate the unique differences in our team just as we celebrate the differences in those we serve each day.  I can’t recommend PID’s team building assessment enough!

– Tricia Kirk, Executive Director, The Exceptional Foundation

Personality I.D. will help solve the following problems:

  • Getting the right people in the right position.
  • Hiring the best people and placing them correctly.
  • Discovering the design of your staff and develop- and manage them by their design. Maximizing their potential.
  • Decrease turnover and increase retaining of your staff.
  • Growing leaders and increase teamwork and talent development.

The Outcomes

  • Help organizations hire the right employees.
  • Determine the Top Performers.
  • Increase employee’s job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Develop the current employees based on their design.
  • Align expectations between employer and employee.

Why use Personality I.D.

Discover and identify the specific design of current and future employees

Understanding the design of every person is a crucial factor in managing people/relationships effectively. One of the key discoveries of Personality I.D. is that, unless there is a clear understanding in the mind of a manager of the design of an employee, it is inevitable that misallocation and mismanagement will occur. The Individual Report of Personality I.D. will give you the necessary information to maximize your employees’ assets for the benefit of all.

The Comparison Report

We enable individuals and organizations to gain an understanding of the unique differences between staff members and/or resolve conflict. The report will help you to enhance and improve relationships. It will empower you to generate acceptance, create agreement, unity and cooperation within the team. You will be able to avert misunderstandings and discord among team members.

The Team Report

The Team Report allows organizations to discover the profile and dynamics of their current teams. The unique profile of your current team and its members can be studied in order to make wise placements and changes possible. You will also be able to discover strategic gaps in the composition of your team and enable managers and leaders to implement the necessary changes.

Advanced Team Report

The Advanced Team Report allows organizations to discover the profile and the dynamics of their current teams. It will also enable you to form new teams based on your specific strategic requirements. The unique profile of your current team as well as the impact of removing or adding members will be revealed. Your new team characteristics can be determined even before the teams are formally formed and deployed. Add and remove individual team members in real-time and see the effect on the team dynamics. You will also be able to discover strategic gaps in the composition of your teams. This will enable managers and leaders to implement strategic changes before they form and deploy their teams.

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